So, it turns out you are not actually allowed have a penguin as a pet. I'd share a link to prove that, but it also turns out this is apparently so obvious to people that I couldn't find a really simple one.

Also, penguins can't play fetch.

To address these two major issues, I've decided I'm building a robotic penguin. I have a good friend who's a puppeteer who's been able to advise me on how to make the eyes work and whatnot. Once it's done, I'll post a really long write up on the how to, why to, and when to... but for the moment, I only include a selection of random photos because I'd prefer to finish this then to put something up that you can only follow until a point.

If anyone is interested in asking me anything about this project, feel free to email me at my personal address-
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First prototype eyes. They could blink. They were made of very friendly materials like easter eggs and foam board and ping pong balls. They managed to look angry and evil
After the "scary" eyes, I had to admit- I'm no artist and no puppeteer, so I bought this as a prototype to work from. Much easier.
Of course, I still needed the scary eyes to test my new voice control modules.
The first of many photos I have of stripping the penguin down. I was amazed by how simple this toy is, under the fur.